TrailMed provides comprehensive health screening for all levels of physical fitness. Our services are individually tailored for your health concerns or just to give you peace of mind when you are out there pushing the limits.  We do a range of health screens to comprehensive medical examinations with ECG and blood tests. We are one of the few laboratories that can perform CardioPulmonary Exercise Testing outside the hospital and academic institutions. We do the complete range of blood tests and pathology so you can know yourself “inside out”.


Athlete Health Assessments

Want some reassurance, need a race sign off or just want to chat to one of our health professionals?

Our Consultant led team of qualified professionals is here for you. Click below to find out more or click “Shop” to arrange to see us!

Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Tests (CPET)

The “gold standard” health and performance test. Go for Gold to test your engine! A comprehensive physiological test that tests your heart, lungs and metabolism to its limit. Know exactly how fit you are and how to improve with goal directed training. Click below to learn more or click “Shop” to be tested!

Blood Tests and Pathology

In association with MediChecks UK we can perform almost any blood test you can think of!

We recommend either the Wellman UltraVit, Wellwoman UltraVit for routine screening or the Advance Fit and Endurance Fit tests for those who want to optimise their performance.