Athlete Health Assessment



A 30 minute assessment fondly known as the “Trailmed MOT” which allows us to complete a general review of your current health.


Heart rate and Heart sounds

Blood pressure

Respiratory exam

Blood sugar

12 lead ECG




This assessment is ideal for giving you a benchmark of your current health and fitness. Not only designed for those who are currently training hard, but also ideal for those of you who are embarking on a training plan for something special…perhaps your first marathon.


We can also complete sports related medicals. Our most common request is for marathon and ultramarathon event medicals. Our team provide medical advisory services to ultramarathons in the UK, The Arctic and Fiji so understand the need for effective medical screening by Race directors. Big event coming up that requires a medical – come and visit us.


*A full range Blood testing can be completed also


Please always consult with your General Practitioner regarding any health related queries or concerns.