CPET: It's not just for the elite Athletes!

"The first time I even contemplated having a Cardiopulmonary exercise test I thought…that’s for the world champs, or the elite athletes out there. The reason I wanted a CPET in the run up to competing in the 352 mile 6633 Arctic Ultra marathon, as a real newbie to the sport of ultra-marathon running, was that I wanted a health screen. I wanted to perform a maximal test of my heart and lungs in a controlled environment. I wanted to get those results and try and get some type of performance related training which would help me to cross that finish line."

Jonny Davies


What does CPET measure?

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing measures the performance of the heart, lungs and metabolism under stress. You not only check the health and performance of your body's systems you get numbers to help structure goal directed training.

  • V02 Peak:

Your peak rate of burning energy

  • Anaerobic Threshold:

Where your metabolism starts producing lactic acid.

  •   Respiratory Compensation Point:

Where breathing rate is driven by acid levels and not CO2 like normal.

  • Work rates and heart rates:

at the different levels above, which can be incorporated into training.

 Ideal for:


Cyclists, Runners, Triathletes, rowers, open water swimmers, footballers, Rugby players, climbers, boxers, MMA fighters, cross fitters, emergency service workers, anyone who has a physically strenuous job…young and old…near and far


We cannot stress enough that that a CPET is for the everyday athlete right up to the Olympian. Its for the school level rugby player to the premier league rugby player. Its for the Saturday cyclist who just wants to see how they are progressing throughout the year.


If you would like to use your results to improve your performance we have teamed up with Tier One sports performance and rehab who will guide you based on the results we produce pitching your training at the right level.


Any questions please do get in touch.